Welcome to the DevResults Baseline Questionnaire!
First, let's get the basics about you and your program or organization.

What is the name of your program or organization? *

If you are filling out this survey as particular program or country office within an organization, please include that here. (e.g. Help International - Building Local Capacity)
What is your first name? *

What is your last name? *

Why are you interested in DevResults? *

Great, thanks {{answer_5496024}}. Now, let's talk about your organization's structure and scale.

About how many employees does {{answer_5495895}} have? *

If you are a single program, country or regional office of a larger organization, we only want to know how many employees your office has, not the organization overall!
About how many active projects does {{answer_5495895}} have right now? *

A project might be a subgrantee, internal activity, award, or country/regional office.

Right now, how do you track the performance of your projects? *

Who is responsible for {{answer_5495895}}'s monitoring and evaluation? *

Great! Thanks, {{answer_5496024}}. Now let's look at your results framework and indicators.

Have you already defined a results framework for {{answer_5495895}}? *

(Or something similar, like a theory of change, logframe, M&E plan, performance management plan, etc.)

Have you already defined a list of indicators? *

Do you know exactly where every indicator fits into your results framework(s)? *

Does each project have its own results framework? *

A project might be a subgrantee, internal activity, award, or country office, etc.

Who defines your results framework(s) and indicators? *

About how many indicators do you expect to track in DevResults? *

(Across all projects)

Who collects the primary data for your indicators? *

How often is data reported on your indicators? *

What do you use indicator data for? *

Do you work with raw data? *

For example: individual survey responses, training logs, hospital registers, etc.

What type(s) of raw data do you work with? How do they contribute to your indicators? *

For example, do you collect information about training attendance to calculate number of people trained? Do you collect survey responses? Do you collect pre- and post-test scores so you can compare them for improvement? Etc.
You're over halfway done, {{answer_5496024}}! Next, a few questions to assess the geographic details about where you work and collect data.

Where do {{answer_5495895}}'s projects work? *

Again, these projects might be {{answer_5495895}}'s subgrantees, internal activities, awards, or country/regional offices.
At what level(s) of geographic detail do you collect data? *

Are you able to answer the previous question for every single indicator you use? *

Do you collect or aggregate data for any other types of geographic boundaries, such as water regions, corridors, etc.? *

Please describe the additional geographic boundaries you collect and/or aggregate data for. *

e.g. what are these shapes? How are they defined, and by whom?
You're almost done, {{answer_5496024}}! Just a couple more questions to gather some operational details.

What are the most important kinds of reports you need to be able to create? *

Who will lead the implementation of DevResults within {{answer_5495895}}? *

Does that person have the authority to tell other staff what to do? *

How many employees do you plan to have trained as "experts" in DevResults, capable of training and assisting others? *

Is there someone in senior leadership who will be a proactive champion of DevResults? *

Experience has shown that software projects are more likely to succeed if senior staff is actively engaged and supporting the implementation. Who will that be?
If you have any additional information about {{answer_5495895}}, your projects, work, etc., that you'd like us to factor into your assessment, please include it here.

Congratulations, {{answer_5496024}}, you've now completed the DevResults Readiness Assessment! We'll be in touch to review your results with you.